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Why You Need Your Storage Tank Certified and Inspected?

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Storage tanks or containers are an indispensable part of any business dealing with liquids or fluids. Whether your business entails storing hazardous liquid or innocuous substances, you should be aware of various inspection standards, especially STI inspections. Storage tanks come with huge maintenance and upkeep requirements. Failure to maintain the storage tank can lead to corrosion, leakage, contamination, or cracks. Problems in the structural integrity of the containers can further hinder business operations, cause environmental pollution and other catastrophic effects. Thus, an industrial inspection of the storage tank is a necessity. 

Tank maintenance and inspections are highly specialized jobs. One must be specialized and trained in conducting storage tank inspections. Besides this, federal and state regulations make it mandatory for tank facility owners to However, many tank facility owners overlook the norms and choose not to get industrial tank inspection services. Doing so not only puts the person conducting tank inspection at risk, but it also puts the business and the storage tank facility in jeopardy. Thus, it’s always recommended to rely on certified industrial tank inspectors to inspect the tanks and containers. 

This blog has outlined the benefits of getting industrial storage tanks and containers certified and tested.

  1. Easier to maintain the storage tanks

Aboveground storage takes are those tanks that are installed or stored above ground instead of buried underground. These tanks are easier to maintain and keep track of the inspection schedule. Aboveground storage tanks are versatile and can be used to store a wide range of materials. 

While aboveground tanks are apt for storing various materials, they are mostly used for storing fuel or oil before distribution. Tanks kept aboveground are easier to inspect and maintain. One can also access the condition of the storage tank from the inside and look for signs of contamination or leakage. When needed, aboveground tanks can be drained or filled with relative ease. 

  • Inspections Save You Money and Time

Regular tank inspections may seem costly, but they save a business time and money in the long run. Oil spillage and storage tank blasts are some of the worst catastrophes that are increasing day by day. Timely tank inspections ensure that the storage containers are in optimum condition and operating under government tank inspection regulations like STI SP001. Failing to address tank leaks or contamination also means attracting hefty lawsuits and penalties. 

Besides this, repeated quick fixes can deteriorate the condition of the storage tanks and render them unfit for use. Moreover, patching the cracks will not solve the problem. Professional tank inspections allow businesses to identify the defects in the tanks and fix them before they turn disastrous.

  • It benefits the business in the long run.

If you deal with storage tanks or containers, you might probably know that they require thorough maintenance. Even if storage tanks are not directed connected to your business or interact with specific segments of your business, tank failure can affect your business. Leakage or spillage and hinder parts of your business or leads to the storage of raw material. This industrial interdependency is another reason why there is a need to keep storage tanks under compliance. Ensure that the tank inspection team you have hired is qualified to handle the tanks and their content and conduct the tests without hampering your operations. …